The Kärntnerstrasse leads you from the opera, passing hotel Sacher, the Casino and all kinds of glamerous shops to the St- Stephen’s Cathedral.

On Kärntnerstrasse and Graben, as well as the direct surrounding of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral you will mainly find high prized luxury articles.

From St. Stephen’s Cathedral you pass further exclusive shops, traditional cafés and lovely buildings, until you reach the Heldenplatz and the Hofburg.

Those places are so overwhelming that I cannot describe their beauty.
Convince yourself: Hofburg - Heldenplatz

If you should nevertheless get lost in the Viennese old town, nothing can happen except that you are find yourself again in old dreamy alleys and you can easily imagine to somehow have been put back into the days of the emperor.

By the way, it´s important to look up once in a while, since modern- and simple looking business façades often partly hide a wonderful Art Nouveau house.

You will be surprised how often yo discover the true architectural beauty of innumerable buildings just through this.

To make sure you experience only positive surprises, please take care primarily on strongly populated and tourist places and in closely packed means of transportation. Unfortunately, like in every bigger city, there are repeating cases of pickpocketing, particularly concerning foreign guests.

For shopping at more reasonable prices of clothing, electronics, books, cosmetic etc, we can recommend for example the above-mentioned Favoritenstrasse, and also the Mariahilfer Strasse (Tram 6 directly up to the West station) where you can find businesses and shopping centers on the entire length of the street until the Museumsquartier.

Opposite of the Museumsquarier, directly on the other side of the ring, you find another attraction of Vienna, the Art History Museum and the Museum of Natural History.

By now You will probably notice at least, that Vienna is worth a long journey.


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