The fixed network was replaced almost entirely by the mobile telephone within the last few years. There are four main operators on the Austrian market:

  • T mobile, area code 0676, with telering, area code 0650
  • A1, area code 0664
  • ONE, area code 0699
  • 3, area code 0660

As well as some virtual operators.

The different rates can suffice, from 0 cents to 20 cents per minute.

Many encounters offer prepaid cards with general rates of 4-7 cents, into all Austrian nets.

Please, pay attention that the roaming charges can be extremely high for owners of foreign mobilephones, even if you call an Austrian number.

If you make  a lot of phonecalls within Austria or to your native country, we recommend to use a prepaid mobile phone of an Austrian operator.

On enquiry, we can offer our guests  a loan of a prepaid mobile phone of an Austrian discount operator for the time of your stay.

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